Get Help From Tony

Tony assists health care, human service, and community organizations that are working to improve the effectiveness of their efforts.

Through workshops, consultations and speaking events, Tony can assist you in preventing all of the most common and costly child and adolescent problems including antisocial behavior, substance use, depression, academic failure, and obesity.

Preventing inter-related problems in the workplace, home or community.
Resources and customizable programs for exploring challenging questions.
Speaking Events
Understanding and addressing socially significant topics and human behavior.
Topics Tony can address:
Child development
Prevention of adolescent problem behavior
Understanding and preventing antisocial behavior
Risk factors associated with tobacco, drug, and alcohol use and prevention of these behaviors
Nurturing behaviors that reduce crime, delinquency, depression, and heart disease
Promoting The Nurture Effect a public health movement to drive a shift toward greater human well-being
High-risk sexuality

Tony educates providers and organizational leaders on the wide range of preventive interventions that are available and helps them to identify interventions that they want to implement. Because he knows most of the leaders in the fields of prevention and treatment, he can arrange training in the best available programs and policies.