ABAI: 45th Annual Convention
Event Description

A Strategic Plan for Expanding Behavioral Science Research on Climate Change
Sunday, May 26, 2019: 5:00 PM–5:50 PM
Fairmont, Cuvee
Chair & CE Instructor: Holly Seniuk (University of Nevada, Reno)
ANTHONY BIGLAN (Oregon Research Institute)
JULIA H. FIEBIG (Ball State University; ABA Global Initiatives LLC)
MAGNUS JOHANSSON (Oslo Metropolitan University)
Abstract: Despite overwhelming evidence of the catastrophic consequences of accelerating climate change (IPCC, 2018), very little effective research is being done on how to bring about widespread changes in people’s behavior. This panel discussion will present a thorough and integrated analysis of existing behavioral science research on climate change. It will begin by contrasting the amount of money being invested in physical science research relevant to climate change with the much smaller amount being invested in behavioral science research, despite the fact that addressing the problem is almost entirely a matter of changing human behavior. A panelist will then review the extent to which research is identifying effective and scalable strategies for affecting climate-relevant policy and behavior. We will then describe the kind of experimental research that is most likely to result in scalable change. Finally, we will present a strategic plan for greatly increasing funding for large-interdisciplinary programs of experimental analysis of strategies for affecting climate-relevant policy and behavior. It is hoped that this panel discussion will be a first step in the implementation of such a strategic plan.